How guitar lessons work

I treat all of my students as individuals so the learning process will vary.

Below you can see the typical levels of learning, I guide my students through these based on their own program of learning.

Lesson content

I’ve provided a very brief summary of the different levels of learning to play the guitar. How much time spent at each level will vary from student to student.


This is the beginning stage of learning to play the guitar.

We will start by getting to know the guitar. You will learn how to hold your guitar, name the different parts of the guitar and be able to tune it. We will also cover open string names.

Level 1

The focus will be on building your basic skills by learning the easiest chords, strumming simple rhythms, changing chords, playing a few easy songs and riffs, ear training skills, reading guitar tab, pentatonic minor scale etc.

Level 2

We will progressively build the difficulty level of the songs and riffs you are playing. Adding in power chords, 7th chords, 12 bar blues, starting simple improvisation, learning notes on the E and A string.

As well as focusing on improving flow and performance skills.

Level 3

It is time to add in more difficult chords, harder improvisation, blues guitar solos, major pentatonic, different styles of music, reggae, country, funk, pop, power chords, rock and grunge, more complex rhythms.

Level 4

Learn some more unusual chords, part chords and songs using these chords, similar to level 3 but with an increased difficulty level.

Level 5

We will start working on barre chords for E shape chords and variations.

Level 6

At this level you will learn barre chords for A shape chords and variations.

Level 7

We will add in new skills including the CAGED pattern and folk fingerpicking.

Further advanced levels

At this stage we will look at more unusual chords that are not often used in pop or rock, but tend to be more used in jazz. We will also cover modes, further improvisation and soloing.


Each level is designed to build on the previous one by increasing the difficulty level and adding in new skills.

Students will progress through the levels at different speeds and we will spend time to make sure the learning is consolidated.

Throughout the lessons I will work on creativity, ear training, technique, practical musicianship, creativity, composition and theory as required and also give advice regarding practicing.


I’ve had guitar lessons before. What level will I start at?
When we meet for the first lesson, I will assess your ability, experience and interests and make plan to build your skill and development, based on the level you are currently at.
How quickly am I likely to progress?
It depends how much practice you put in between lessons, if you are very keen and put in a lot of practice you will obviously progress much faster. There is no requirement however, it’s really up to you.
How long does each level take?

Learning will look different for every student depending on what they want to learn and how much practice they put in. I don’t push everyone through 7 levels and then into advanced, it’s not how I work, but people do advance in the areas they are interested in and often they do this very quickly.

If you’re interested in having guitar lessons or have any questions I’d love to hear from you!

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