I’ve received funding to support projects which tend to focus on students who are neurodivergent. You can find out more about the projects below.

Arts Council Project 2022

I was funded to develop autistic led music in Norfolk and refine accessible practice, with a focus on artist wellbeing.

As part of the project, I have created a higher-level booklet to support the creative work during my sessions.

Whilst this is in alignment with the 3 most popular methods of teaching, it relies less on music reading ability and more on developing an ear for music, and enhancing musicality by building creativity skills, and confidence.

This project adapted sessions to the artist’s preferences, strengths, and interests.

I created a YouTube channel and am sharing videos to help my neurodivergent students, by providing them with videos that can easily be shared to explain neurodivergent things to other people.

I am pleased to say these videos have so far helped raise awareness about Irlen Syndrome / visual stress and several artists or their parents, now use coloured overlays or print documents onto coloured paper which helps them to read or read music with greater ease.

ND WEB YouTube Channel

Arts Council Project 2021

I was funded to develop musical creativity and self-expression with autistic / ADHD children and adults.

I created and produced a new booklet and further YouTube videos, especially for this course, which have been used to aid multi-sensory creative development.

My sessions helped with developing creativity, self-expression and confidence as well as promoting relaxation and wellbeing.

If you are applying for Arts Council funding you can read my article about it on their website.

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