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I’ve provided information on how you can start adapting your teaching style and lessons to support neurodivergent students

Simple changes can make a big difference

When working with neurodivergent students small changes can have a big impact on their learning experience.

I’d recommend starting by asking the student or their parents if they know what would help them get the most from their lessons and how you can support their needs. 


Examples of ways to help

Colour of paper

Avoid using bright white paper. Instead try using yellow, blue, green or purple coloured paper, or coloured overlays could be very helpful.

Processing time

Give students extra processing time, by slowing down the pace of the lesson and avoiding getting the student to read the music quickly.


Allowing the student to move around during the lesson or leave the lesson for a break if they need this to help them focus and learn.

Autism and ADHD can impact people’s sensory and internal experience, so that it is very different to how you may be experiencing the lesson. If you can, try to imagine how this might feel for the student.

I created a leaflet where I’ve shared things that have helped my neurodivergent students. Although each student is different the leaflet should give you an idea of some of the things that may help your students.

If you have any questions about teaching students who are neurodivergent and are interested in mentoring, please contact me.


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