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Knowing where to start when looking for information and support on autism and ADHD can be overwhelming.

I created a list of links to local organisations in the Norfolk area, online support and some wider resources I recommend for people with autism and ADHD.

Organisations in the Norfolk area

Asperger East Anglia

West Norfolk Autism Group

NAS Norwich 

ASD Helping Hands

ADHD Norfolk 

ISLTS Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

NHS diagnosis for adults in Norfolk

Autism Service Norfolk

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service

Useful information and online support


Kieran Rose

Joe Wells – Autistic Comedian 

Chris Bonello


Joe The Autistic Photographer

Adult with Autism 

Dyspraxia Foundation

Odd Girl Out – Laura James


Becca Lory Hector 

How to ADHD

Wenn Lawson

Autism from the inside – Paul Micallef 

Barb Cook 

Tony Attwood and Michelle Garnett

Other useful websites, blogs and resources

List of blogs by Actually Autistic bloggers

Autism is a Spectrum – Doesn’t Mean What You Think 

Government Work Accessibility Support via Access to Work 

Recommended books

Spectrum Women 

Autism in Adults – Dr Luke Beardon 

Avoiding Anxiety in Autistic Adults: A Guide for Autistic Wellbeing – Dr Luke Beardon

The Passionate Mind – Wenn Lawson

Women and Girls with ASD – Sarah Hendrickx

Pretending to Be Normal


Living with Dyspraxia

How to ADHD

It’s Not A Bloody Trend: Understanding Life as an ADHD Adult

Dirty Laundry: Why adults with ADHD are so ashamed and what we can do to help

Untypical: How the World Isn’t Built for Autistic People and What We Should All Do About It


The Squarepeg Podcast

The Neurodivergent Experience NDE Podcast

Orion Kelly Podcasts

Actually Autistic Podcast

Neurodivergent Moments

1800 Seconds on Autism

SAGE Journals autism podcast series

Television shows



Understanding Autism- The Open University

Dyslexia Awareness Training – Microsoft

The Inside of Autism training with Kieran Rose – The Autistic Advocate

Sensory Trauma – Autism Wellbeing

Autistic and ADHD when worlds collide – Ausome Training

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